Name: Zoe Crystal Victoria Spiropoulos
    Date of Birth: April 25, 2008 (3:42 p.m.)
    Place of Birth: Orange Coast Memorial Hospital; Fountain Valley, California
    Weight: 10 Pounds, 11 Ounces
    Length: 23 Inches

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Just a few minutes old. Still unnamed.

As promised, we wait until we see the baby before we name it. But then it comes... Zoe.

Val's parents with Val and Zoe. They, too, are stunned that Val gave birth to such a large baby... vaginally. Val's mother's name is Crystal and the first half of Zoe's middle name.

My mother with Zoe. My mother's name is Victoria and the second half of Zoe's middle name. My father has a cold, and doesn't want to give it to Zoe, so he's only seen her from a distance and has yet to hold her. And it's KILLING him!

In the first 36 hours, Zoe did two things: cry and sleep. But when she does cry, it sounds like a pterodactyl and her bottom jaw quivers and is the cutest damn thing.

To give Val some rest, I'd park Zoe on me to calm her down and put her in sleep mode. Even works at home.

See, told you. Zoe on my chest equals easy, sleep time. And yes, that's a giraffe's head on her butt.

Though you can't see it in this picture, her eyes have gone from gray to navy blue. We'll see what color see ends up with.

Val and Zoe sacked out at home. They've earned this nap.

Why the name Zoe? In Greek, "Zoe" means "Life." When she was born, at that moment, she became my life... she became my Zoe.

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